“The Netherlands is conveniently located within the EU, with good logistics services, efficient import and export regulations, and an excellent fiscal environment. Because of this, we believe that we can serve our European customers even better than before. Moreover, business travel is easy to plan because The Hague is close to Schiphol International Airport and Rotterdam-The Hague Airport. Our distribution center in the Rotterdam region is also easily accessible.”

Mr. Wayne Liu, Vice President of Shanghai Freemen Europe

“Leiden Bio Science Park is a really attractive location for us, especially as so many other players in our industry are there too and it can be reached by public transport very easily”

Barbara van Slooten, Manager Communications, Astellas Pharma B.V.

“With the great assistance from West Holland Foreign Investment Agency, we can easily learn from scratch, establish connection, set up the cooperation and further more we are still cared by them even after we have already founded here. Without the help and contribution from West Holland Foreign Investment Agency, we may lose the opportunity to be in Leiden.”

Mr. Lai, CEO Aeon Astron, Leiden