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Are you thinking of expanding your business to Europe? The WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) offers free services to foreign companies and NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) that want to establish, relocate or expand their business operations in the WestHolland region in The Netherlands. Let us show you the business advantages of establishing your company in The Hague. Want to learn more about our services? Please contact us.


Informing you and your company in the best possible way is our mission. We understand what it takes to establish/relocate to a new region or even a new country. We are happy to inform you about all aspects of doing business: from the local business climate, to housing, to tax & legal considerations and permits.
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Why not come and explore this versatile region? We are here to welcome you and take you by the hand to explore your needs and wishes. We provide tailor-made fact finding trips in our region free of charge.
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So when the decision has been made to start exploring new markets, the key element for a successful expansion is fact finding information on real estate prices, client potential or recruitment assistance for qualified personnel, and not to be overlooked, the rules, laws & regulations. Our international business advisors have the knowledge and experience to help you with your market exploration and business expansion plans. Therefore, expanding your international business and setting up an office in Europe starts here.
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Our services go beyond informing and advising. We actively assist you in registering at the Chamber of Commerce and opening a bank account. Furthermore, we help you in choosing the right business location and assist in obtaining a work visa and/or residence permit.
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In order to ensure your business becomes embedded in the region, we actively work to connect you to relevant networks of potential business partners or key government contacts and to invite you for relevant events in our region. Besides all this we also help you settle in the Netherlands by providing advice on residential housing, international schools for your children and introducing you to the international community.
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Thinking about expanding or relocating your business? Our Investor Relations program provides international companies, already active in the Netherlands, with advice and support regarding expansion, relocation and consolidation. We assist you with finding new property; bring you in contact with service providers as well as with key international networks which are important to your business.
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