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Children and schools

Dutch children are found to be ‘the happiest children in the world’. No matter where you go in The Hague, you see children living the life every child should live: free, safe, open minded. 

Although Dutch schools are of a high level and although more and more of them offer bilingual courses (Dutch/English), you might prefer to choose for an international school. You and your children have a rich variety to choose from, at the primary and secondary levels. There are international schools where English, French or German are the main languages. Some Dutch schools have an international department. Many of these also offer ‘mother tongue’ programs to support languages not mentioned above. Furthermore, there is an increasing growth of post-secondary education opportunities in English suitable for international students.

Subsidized or private

International education in the Netherlands is either subsidized (by the Dutch government) or offered through private international schools. In the overview below you can browse through the choice of schools in West Holland. For an overview of all the possibilities, in WestHolland and information about each of the schools (subsidized or otherwise) we refer you to this overview of international schools in the Netherlands. Would you like to know more about education in the region? We are happy to introduce you to one of our contacts.

Your children happy and safe: child care

In and around The Hague you can find an abundance of child care centres and (international) schools. Tuition is free if you choose a local school. This may give you extra budget to pay for the extracurricular activities you want your child(ren) to enjoy: sports, culture, self expression. Of course, Dutch child care may differ from what you are used to at home. But remember, Dutch children are among the most happiest children in the world. Doesn’t that say something? For more information about Dutch child care, education and even pregnancy, go to


Daisy Tjin A Lien
International Business Advisor