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Enter the
Digital gateway
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IT, Tech & Telecom

New technologies are rapidly changing the world we live in. Take for example the Internet of Things, which is transforming cities into Smart Cities. People all over the globe use their smartphones 24/7 for information, education and communication. Artificial Intelligence, sensoring, drones, robots, Big Data analysis, blockchain: it is all going to affect us. So you need to be at the epicentre of things to happen: The Hague, The Netherlands.

Digital Gateway to Europe

The DHL Global Connectedness report of 2014 classified The Netherlands as the most ‘wired’ country in the world. Our country can be seen as the digital gateway to Europe. The Hague is also noted for its sophisticated fiberoptic infrastructure. On top of that, huge investments are made by the city to facilitate the creation of the ‘Next Generation Network’, which seeks to enable higher bandwidth internet connections.

Get connected, get wired

With the highest degree  of internet access of Western Europe, The Netherlands has become an excellent market for new technologies in domains like:

  • Digital infrastructure
  • Software development
  • IT services
  • Cyber security (Holland is Europe’s largest Cyber Security hub)
  • Cloud solutions
  • Hosting (the Dutch cloud & hosting sector one of the largest in the world)

The World Economic Forum Europe 2020 Competitiveness Report ranks The Netherlands as #1 in EU for outstanding use of ICT.

Triple Helix: joint forces

The Netherlands has a rich tradition in open innovation and cooperation between businesses, government and science to stimulate and accelerate entrepreneurship. This so-called Triple Helix relies on open communication and works like a multistage rocket:

  • A stable democracy and a reliable fiscal and legal foundation
  • High level education
  • Top-notch science research
  • 3 Top-Tier universities
  • Award-winning business Science parks, such as the Leiden Bio Science Park and the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESA Estec)
  • Numerous incubators accelerators and tech parks all over The Hague such as:
    1. The Hague Security Delta (HSD), the leading Cyber Security Cluster in Europe. More than 13,000 people work there in some 400 companies and organisations to improve cyber security around the world. Companies like Siemens, Fox-IT and Thales team up with the City of The Hague and the Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice.
    2. The Caballero fabriek (CabFab) and Binck36 are two incubators for IT and Telecom activities in The Hague, with many small innovative companies and entrepreneurs.
    3. World Startup Factory is an accelerator program for young Innovative IT companies, providing funding, knowledge, coaching, network and infrastructure.
    4. Impact City, a program of the City of The Hague to facilitate innovation start-ups by organizing events, training, pitches and match makings.
    5. Hague Humanity Hub facilitates innovations for humanitarian purposes by producing content driven programming that will lead to cross-overs, synergy, and new alliances. The hub includes HumanityX, a standing support base for those working on data-driven innovations for peace, justice and humanitarian action.
    6. The Hague Tech is a new community in the heart of the city, where creative talent, businesses, government and research institutions work together. Their goal is to fire up your tech ideas that will change society in The Hague.
    7. NL-IX or Neutral Internet Exchange is a The Hague based fast growing IX providing transport, transit, cloud and training services. With over 655 connected networks it is a global top 10 ranked internet exchange. 

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Peter Scheffers
International Business Advisor