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The WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) is a government funded organization specialized in economic development, investment promotion and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) within the WestHolland region. WFIA attracts international companies and organisations and assists them in establishing, expanding or relocating their (foreign) operations to The Netherlands. In addition, WFIA supports the Municipality of The Hague, The Hague Convention Bureau and Bureau Internationale Zaken in attracting international conferences, seminars and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Since 2015, WFIA has been part of ‘Invest in Holland’, the acquisition platform of the central government of The Netherlands.


The WFIA was established in 2000 by the cities of The Hague, Leiden, Delft, Zoetermeer, the regional authority Haaglanden and the Chamber of Commerce of The Hague. The purpose of joining forces was to combine resources and experienced individuals from each city or authority to represent the WestHolland region as one foreign investment promotion agency around the world. Due to the combined efforts of these organizations, the WFIA has the expertise and knowledge to assist international companies with various aspect of FDI by expanding a business abroad, finding strategic business locations and connecting to important international networks. This expertise can save international companies time and help them to avoid making costly mistakes.


Mission Statement
The WFIA aims to attract international companies and organizations who wish to retain or settle permanently in the region. By doing this the WFIA contributes to the economic growth and job creation for the region. The WFIA serves as a one-stop shop for international companies and organizations who want to start their operations, expand or move to the WestHolland region.


We inform, invite, advise, assist, connect…we care……Free of charge!


The world is changing. Economic growth, knowledge and employment are key these days for a livable world. By attracting foreign companies who are investing in the economy and culture of the region, the WFIA contributes to these conditions. Invest in your Growth. Invest in WestHolland.


Gemeente Den Haag/ Municipality of The Hague

–          Dienst Stedelijke Ontwikkeling (DSO)
–          Bureau Internationale Zaken (BIZ)

Den Haag Marketing

The Hague Convention Center

NFIA – Invest in Holland

WTC The Hague

Innovation Quarter

Rotterdam Partners

Steenworp Public Relocation Service


Gemeenteraden in werkgebied WFIA
Provincie Zuid-Holland & Gedeputeerde Staten
Ministerie van Economische Zaken



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