Company of the Month November | Connective

The WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency very much likes to present Connective as the Company of the Month November because of its innovative document management solutions for the financial & legal industry.

About Connective
Connective is market leader in Digital Transaction Management in Belgium and has a fast growing customer base in the Netherlands. After the buy-out of its management in 2013, Connective has grown rapidly in the sectors of  finance, public and HR. These sectors fall under strict governance and compliance regulations and require best-in-class solutions for securing digital business.

Going paperless
At a rapidly increasing rate, both businesses and consumers prefer to transact digitally. However, the need for physical signatures puts a strain on this development, thereby creating friction in relation to costs, security, efficiency and user experience. Connective provides solutions such as developing online documentation tools and electronic identification for paper consuming companies.

Whether it concerns an application for a bank loan, a renewal of insurances or other digital business transactions: Connective provides an end to end digital process in which no papers have to be printed, signed or scanned.

To make this all possible, Connective works closely together with several Dutch and European initiatives to secure and guarantee the identity of both individuals and organizations. This cooperation will act as a catalyst in the period to come, by helping to define and deploy the standards of digital transaction and identification.

Establishing in the The Hague
In order to better support the existing client base and further develop its customer community in the Netherlands, Connective decided to open a local office in The Hague. According to Mickey Vonckx, General Manager at Connective, the choice for The Hague was based on the city’s focus on connectivity, its accessibility via road and public transport and the availability of qualified staff.

The city’s legal identity and the presence of international law and arbitration provides great opportunities for synergy and cross-overs within the financial, legal and security domains.

The Hague is positioning itself as one of the leading cities in these areas, by stimulation cooperation among entrepreneurs and providing access to the right resources. With Connective’s focus on digital signatures there is a nice fit. We have been able to benefit from the various initiatives The Hague is undertaking”, says Vonckx, who has a clear view on the future of the company. “With digital business accelerating the coming years, securing the digital identity will be critical. Connective expects to strongly grow its market position in the Netherlands. The Hague offers the facilities, qualified resources and supporting infrastructure to anticipate this growth. Connective hopes that the city of The Hague continues its active support to the growing Fintech community.

The presence of Connective proves that the financial cluster in The Hague is served by an increasing presence of Fintech companies, providing appropriate and secure transactions by creating tailor-made solutions. The Hague is home to a large variety of key players in the pensions, asset management and insurance industry sector, where it accounts for more than 13,000 jobs.

For more information about Connective, please visit their new website here.

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