Company of the Month April | Dong Dao

Dong Dao was the first private Chinese company in Europe, and since arriving has created numerous consumer products for well-known companies in Europe. Dong Dao became one of the first European companies to act according to a code of conduct. As a result, they have been chosen as the preferred supplier by various international companies and brands for promotion, marketing and packaging. Today, ’Made in China’ is no longer synonymous with a cheap label.

“We are not only a company, but also a culture,” says Chun Li, CEO of Dong Dao. Translated from modern Chinese Dong Dao means ’the road to the East.’
Dong Dao besides a preferred supplier for Chinese production, is also the agent and distributor for various luxury European brands, introducing the best European products to the Far East, along with European culture and lifestyle.

Besides promotion, marketing and packaging material Dong Dao is active in three other categories. “We are also connecting the world through sports, education and publishing” continues Chun Li.


Recently Dong Dao Group became the main sponsor of the Youth academy of ADO Den Haag. “We export the Dutch football experience to China. We provide professional football management for players and coaches to be ready for the new market.


The reason we became the main sponsor of the ADO youth team is that we want to help ADO. We care about youth development; we want to promote The Hague as an international city; we want to promote Dutch football; we want to help Chinese football development and hopefully to create a win win-win situation.”

Mr Li on WestHolland
“If I could have had the support of an organization such as the WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) 20 years ago to help us, it would have been a lot easier to do business. They really are the connection between Chinese companies and the Dutch market: The best organization to help foreign companies to do business.”

About the region
“The Hague is the best place for a foreigner to start their business; it has what other Dutch cities have but also has what other Dutch cities don’t have. 20 years ago we travelled all over the Netherlands to find a suitable location, we chose for the comfort of The Hague. We started here, moved out for about 5 years to be nearer to the airport, but came back to The Hague to never leave again.”


Mr. Chun Li CEO Dong Dao

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