Company of the Month May | Shouguang Vegetable Industry Holding Group (CSV)

At the end of 2012, Shouguang Vegetable Industry Holding Group (CSV) invested in the WestHolland region by purchasing a 50 thousand m² greenhouse facility in Lansingerland and establishing a Dutch subsidiary. Shouguang Vegetable Industry Holding Group Netherlands B.V. is now in the process of constructing an office building from which they will conduct their business in Europe. The official groundbreaking ceremony will be on Monday June 10.
Artist impression of the new CSV Office in Lansingerland & location of the construction site

About Shouguang Vegetable Group
CSV was established in 1998 in Shouguang City, Shandong Province, in the eastern part of China. CSV conducts business all over China and commands a production chain inside the vegetable industry. At the core of this chain is vegetable production. Other activities include vegetable processing, e-commerce, seed breeding, distribution and sales.
CSV Headquarters in Shouguang City, Shandong Province, China

From their office in Lansingerland they will do R&D on seed breeding and vegetable growing; provide training courses on food safety and processing; and process vegetables into value added products. “Our overall ambition is to build a platform for cooperation and exchange between the horticulture sectors of China and the Netherlands. By investing in Lansingerland and building this platform, we are convinced that both the WestHolland region and CSV will reap the fruits of enhanced cooperation between China and the Netherlands in the area of horticulture,” this according to Mr. Ding Junyang, Vice-President of CSV.

Why Lansingerland?
Mr. Ding Junyang, Vice-President of CSV states, that “the decision to invest in the WestHolland region was quite clear. Lansingerland is one of the most advanced and developed greenhouse areas in the world, where many vegetable growers apply high-tech methods to grow their products. Also many leading greenhouse companies and research institutes are located in this region. Therefore we chose Lansingerland to locate our business and become part of the Dutch horticulture industry.”

CSV Greenhouse facilities in Shouguang,China

Assistance of WestHolland
“The relationship with WFIA has been extremely pleasant. From the moment our company showed interest in investing in the WestHolland region, they helped us acquiring information, finding a suitable location and ensured a soft landing of our company. They also helped us in bridging the cultural gaps and avoiding some pitfalls that foreign companies encounter when investing abroad. Once we were settled in Lansingerland, the WFIA continued to support our business by establishing new contacts, providing a vibrant networking community, answering practical questions and more generally getting connected with the Netherlands.” Gérard van Bracht, Dutch Representative CSV.

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