Assisting international companies with business location, expansion and relocation services, free of charge!

Would you like to expand your business in or into Europe?
West Holland is a strategic location for foreign businesses looking to expand in Europe. It is located between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol,  the Port of Rotterdam, and is well connected to the surrounding European markets. Nestled in the western part of the Netherlands, it is comprised of seven main cities: Delft, The Hague, Lansingerland, Leiden, Rijswijk, Westland, Zoetermeer, and several surrounding communities. Because of West Holland's thriving business environment many international organisations have located their headquarters & sales operations in the region Business in Europe >>>

Is your company expanding in or relocating to the Netherlands?
The WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) serves as the one stop shop for assisting and advising international companies regarding business location, expansion,  relocation & FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) services in West Holland, the Netherlands, and Europe as a whole.

Through the WFIA complimentary Investor Development Program, we assist international companies, already located in the Netherlands, with business expansion and relocation. Go to Investor Relations Program >>>

All WFIA Business Location Services are free of charge and include: fact-finding, expansion abroad, setting-up a business entity, opening a bank account, finding a strategic business location, legal & tax issues, assistance with visa & permits, acquiring residential housing, and school selection for your family.

Request for information
If you have an instant request for information regarding our Business Location Services, need specific market information or are interested in a fact-finding mission to West Holland please contact us.

We always protect the confidentiality of your business case or inquiry.


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  • Taiwan TBA Family Day
    Hosted by Taiwan Business Association in the Netherlands and sponsored by WestHolland, this day is to connect Taiwan businesses, its employees and their families who are working and living in the Netherlands in an informal setting in The Hague. read more >>>
    Transport Security Expo 2014
    02-12-2014 - 03-12-2014
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  • 13-11-'14
    PRESS RELEASE: Improved collaboration foreign direct investment attraction in the Province of Zuid-Holland
    Earlier this week, the regional investment promotion agencies WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency, Rotterdam Partners and Innovation Quarter signed the Zuid-Holland covenant in an effort to join forces in foreign investment attraction. read more >>>
  • 13-11-'14
    Congratulations to ESTEC Noordwijk: Rosetta's Philae probe has landed
    Europe’s Rosetta mission reached another climax Wednesday as its Philae probe successfully landed on the surface of a comet. read more >>>
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